Is Medical Coding a Good Career?

When an individual is thinking about getting a new skill in healthcare field, they may consider taking a medical coding and billing course. This type of education will train someone for the position of billing patients and agencies within the health care industry. There are many positions available in many health care settings that can make it more appealing for the candidate.

Is Medical Coding a Good CareerThe person who does the encryption of all the information in a healthcare setting is called medical coder or Professional medical coder or medical coding specialist or medical billing specialist. Medical coders are likely to be in high-demand in future. Even though software has been developed to help, a qualified person is mandatory to enter the information, and follow up on any irregularities between the health care provider (physician), the hospital, and the insurance company. An effective and efficient coder is very crucial to the financial success of a practice. The coders help the doctors to get reimbursed accurately and timely manner. The hours for medical coders are exactly set and many skilled coders don’t have to receive the call or work long nights or weekends. Usually a 40-hour per week, Monday to Friday, is just enough. Adding to that, medical coding can be an excellent first step into a productive, profitable career in medical office organization, supervision or operations.

Medical coders usually do not have much communication with patients. If you really like a lot of regular interaction with patients then this role is not for you. Additionally, medical coding can be a routine job. So if you’re searching for a lot of variety and excitement, or if you’re not in quest of a desk job, medical coding may not be right for you. However, considering the competitive academia and future job prospects, medical coding or medical billing might be the perfect ticket for your healthcare career.

There are many medical service companies in the USA where regular job circular for medical coder or medical billing specialist is found. Accentus, Amphion Medical Services, Aviacode, The Coding Network, LLC, Conifer Health Solutions, Humana, Lexicode are some of them. They often require certification like CCS or CCS-P or CPC or CPC-H in order to find the right medical coding professional in US or Canada. Sometimes, RHIA or RHIT certification might also do the job in order to become a certified medical coder. For example, Humana, a well-known medical coder hiring company hires independent-contractor coders with 2-3 years of coding experience and at least one certification. They usually pay more salary to those coders who hold more experience and certification in this field. Most of the major health care company’s work-at-home positions have also geographic requirements. Its medical coding jobs from home require coding certification (RHIT, RHIA, or CCS) and may require occasional travel to its headquarters. So, if one wish to develop a carrier in healthcare industry, but don’t want to give 3-8 years of life in academia, medical coding carrier is the right choice for them.

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