Medical Coding For Dummies

Medical coder’s job is to give a unique code to the services provided in the physician’s chamber, clinics and hospitals. This code separates that particular diagnosis for that particular patient from others. This helps the physicians across the country to practice a similar standard of practices. This code also helps other physicians to check his medical history, other complications, adverse reactions, contraindications and so on. And the last but not the least this code helps health insurance companies/ government to facilitate or reimburse bill payment.

Thus, a unique code that verbally holds no meaning but practically making all the healthcare process more transparent, patient compliant and up-to-date. So, these codes are sometimes called dummies. A well-known coding book available in most of the library reminds us the same meaning – Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies.

Perhaps, medical coding for dummies is very important in patient’s point of view. Thus, the role of medical coder is not an easy job. They have to very much ethical and remain strict to laws whatever the situation is. On the other hand, their single mistake could cost a patient million dollars or sometimes may allow maltreatment. That is the basic principles in this profession of coding for dummies. You should learn the coding, medical and insurance laws. You should have the basic knowledge of pathology, surgery and anatomy.

Now, coding law ICD-9 in act. From October, 2014 ICD-10 will be on action. A skilled medical coder must remain well conversant with all these updated coding rules and guidelines. He must know earlier than any other profession in health care industry that what changes are like to occur when ICD-10 will be on act?

Medical Coding For DummiesPhysicians in the near future will rely more on medical coder who codes for dummies. As the Genetic engineering, genomics, proteomics, systemic biology is changing the whole healthcare industry, individual patient care will also likely to change in near future when there will be individualized treatment. Then, the dummy coding personnel, commonly known as medical coder will create and store data based on individual DNA pattern. Doctors will easily find out which genes are malfunctioning, which genes have stopped functioning, which genes remain expressive and which genes remain dormant. These processes will be very much helpful in identifying and treating deadly chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, neuron disorder, hemophilia etc.

So, medical coders have to prepare for the future. Their skills and expertise could give the society great value if they could give those genetic data correctly and specifically. Even, nowadays, their job has become an inseparable part in modern healthcare industry. Where ever you go from a physician’s chamber to hospital setting, diagnostic center to medical outsourcing companies, you will find a medical coder storing data and facilitating bill payment or reimbursement using dummy codes. After all, they are doing these dummy coding jobs for the betterment of the common people so that they enjoy the right treatment and pay the right amount of bill.

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