Remote Medical Coding Companies

Nowadays, remote coding companies are doing the medical coding jobs for the medical institutions contractual or permanent basis. Coding staffs of these companies are doing the job as a customer service. These types of coding companies usually recruits staff who have 1-3 years of experience, strong knowledge of medical coding, holds a AAPC or AIHMA certification, knows ICD-9, ICD-10 codes, medical coding guidelines and laws, insurance and reimbursement policies. These remote medical coding companies have different divisions or departments through which they operates, such as Ambulatory (SDS), Hospital Inpatient, Observation Stays, Interventional Radiology, Emergency Department, Physician Office, Clinic Coding (Wound, Pain, Infusion etc.), E/M Services etc. A remote medical coding company puts the customer service first and foremost, meeting the demand of both the patients and service providers.  Thus, medical coders become very familiar with the medical practices and its service providers. There are many companies in the market place that are doing remote medical coding. For example, e.g. MCS, HCCS, Maxim Health Information Services, Global Edge, VEEBill, American Medical & Information Services etc.

Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services or HCCS is one of the nation’s leader providers of remote medical coding services to different health care institutions. Employees of HCCS try their best to be special in the coding filed. That makes HCCS a special medical coding destination. Its head office is based in Cape Coral, Florida. They are in operation since 2006. This medical coding powerhouse provides variety of coding services to different healthcare organizations (Clinics, hospitals, companies etc.) throughout the United States. They even provide consulting and coding services to critical hospital centers to high level trauma centers which saves millions for those medical institutions annually.

Remote Medical Coding CompaniesMCS is a also well known medical coding company in the Northeastern part of the United States. It has proven itself by its skills and expertise on medical coding field in this region. It has many expert coding professionals who hold a good experience in this field. Many coders here have more than 10-12 years of professional experience. They also offer hospital on-site, physician chamber coding options. They promote their advertisement that if you need transition to ICD-10 or best class remote coding facility, MCS-Medical Coding Services is the favorite place to call.

Maxim Health Information Systems or MHIS is also renowned remote medical coding company. It provides its clients the best class coding services. Sometimes it’s short-term, sometimes long-term or sometimes permanent medical coding assignments. They are competent to help clients with both the training and consulting services regarding the conversion to ICD-10. Maxim specialty is the way they give coding training across industry: individual, group or departmental training. They use coders that are of top class in skill: either AAPC or AHIMA certified and have at least 3-5 years coding experience.  MIHS offers the on-site and remote medical coding services as well as billing, record keeping, monitoring and auditing services. Maxim also has expertise in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center coding services. That sets Maxim apart from other medical coding companies. If you any professional training on medical coding or coding services for your medical institution, Maxim is there to help you best the best of class quality services.

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